April 27th Mike Bleho, Bill Gossage and Luke Gossage-Bleho Open for Sienna Dahlen, Jon Davis and Éveline Grégoire-Rousseau

Sienna Dahlen
Jon Davis
Éveline Grégoire-Rousseau

Think Crosby, Stills & Nash – but two female and one male voice – accompanied by the celestial effervescence of a harp with guitar and percussion….

This trio is made up of Juno award-winning vocalist Sienna Dahlen, Jon Davis (Cirque du Soleil, Josh Groban) also on vocals while taking turns on guitar, piano and percussion with Éveline Grégoire-Rousseau (Louis-Jean Cormier, Ingrid St-Pierre) on vocals and harp.

These three singer/songwriters create a unique blend of vocal harmonies with harp and Art-Folk, Soul and Jazz that subtly recall Joni Mitchel and Radiohead…

Sienna Dahlen

photo: Randy Cole

Sienna Dahlen is a Juno award-winning vocalist. She is also a music educator, an instrumentalist and a composer of six albums of original folk and jazz music to date. Her last album, entitled « Verglas » received rave reviews and was signed to the longstanding Montreal jazz label, Justin Time Records. Sienna has toured her music extensively across Canada, Europe, and parts of the US in addition to numerous appearances in Mexico and South America. Sienna appears on Paris-based Canadian drummer, Karl Jannuska’s latest release, « Midseason » alongside vocalist Denzal Sinclaire and is the voice of Mike Rud’s 2014 Juno award-winning album « Notes on Montreal ». In addition to these collaborations, Sienna has been a guest vocalist on several occasions with L’Orchestre National de Jazz de Montreal. Finally, Sienna is the featured singer on the soundtrack for the 2007 Oscar-winning animated short, The Danish Poet by Torill Kove (music by Kevin Dean).

Watch her performance of “Invisible”:

Jon Davis

Jon Davis has achieved full lift-off with the launch of his sophomore release – Open Shore – a powerful, 11-track album underlining his distinctive skills as a gifted singer, an accomplished player and arranger and an extremely talented songwriter.

A classically-trained singer and jazz pianist, Davis first displayed his strengths with a painterly ability to translate human emotion into delicate aural canvasses of light blue steel and shale grey. A writer first, Jon poses many questions and, through introspective lyrics, invites the listener to dig for answers. Possessed of a delicate, almost chameleonic voice, you can hear distant similarities in style from James Taylor to Nick Drake, Coldplay’s Chris Martin to Lindsey Buckingham. Yet no one here reveals the degree of intimacy that Davis does in his lyrical approach. < more >


Watch one of his YouTube videos

Éveline Grégoire-Rousseau

Auteur-compositeur interprète

Éveline se dévoile à travers ses chansons de manière instinctive et spontanée. Avec un premier long jeu homonyme à paraître le 30 mars sous l’étiquette Disques URSH, l’auteure-compositrice-interprète propose un tableau où les lieux communs n’existent pas et se révèle, personnelle, dans toute sa passion et son unicité. Son premier album éponyme, enregistré avec Mathieu Désy, François Jalbert, Mark Nelson, et Audrey Émery, est à paraître le 30 mars sous l’étiquette DISQUES URSH. Tantôt jazz-pop, tantôt indie-classique, mais toujours touchant, l’univers d’Éveline promet d’heureuses découvertes à la fois douces et éclatées. Lancements d’album le 28 mars au Lion D’or, Montréal. Et le 26 mars au Bar le Détour, Grand Théâtre de Québec. L’album est disponible ici: https://veline1.bandcamp.com, Archambault, Renaud-Bray, ou sur Itunes.





Mike Bleho
Bill Gossage
Luke Gossage-Bleho

Friends, family, and music. While busy making his mark among our next generation of musicians Luke is taking this opportunity to join longtime friends Bill and Mike on the stage – the family tradition is alive and well! They will perform a wide variety of styles: jazz, country, old-timey, happy, sad – who knows where the road will lead?

Doors open 7:30 PM. Show Starts at 8:00 PM

Tickets $10 at the door.

24 Maple Ave.
H9X 2E6

Find us here:
View Larger Map

Looking ahead:

May 25th
Disband and Friends open for
Terry Gillespie and the Granary Band




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