April 26th: Jim Robinson opens for Jason Lang

jason lang

Jason Lang

jason lang

Jason will be performing songs from his upcoming third solo album, a tribute to his mother, the Canadian folk icon Penny Lang.

Jason goes on tour with Corey Hart this year. Get your tickets here http://www.coreyhart.com/?fbclid=IwAR32IUQP1FOYCXDKizDJkxJ6BeM7hJXuyqwq3X87c47LBA8Ibx4qXm-Y8Kc#tour.

He just finished writing and producing a CD with France D’Amour. He has produced all 8 of the inimitable Jim Robinson’s CDs and they are just now finishing the ninth.

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Jim Robinson

Jim Robinson first performed at the Sainte-Anne Blues Coffee House with his long time producer Jason Lang almost twenty years ago and is pleased to be back with him again as the two of them play a few selections from the 8 albums they’ve recorded since 2003 as well as a sampling of what they’re working on now.

More about Jim here:

Listen to his album here:

Doors open 7:30 PM. Show Starts at 8:00 PM

24 Maple Ave.
H9X 2E6

Find us here:
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